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Golden Valley Charter Schools is pleased to announce we are enrolling Transitional Kindergarten through Second Grade for our new school, Golden Valley Tahoe School. The grass roots beginnings of this school mirror the hard work and determination of the pioneers of the first Golden Valley Charter School eighteen years ago. For more information about enrollment, please visit the Golden Valley Tahoe School webpage.

waldorftruckeeschoolIt was just a few years ago when Bonnie River, founder and principal, and a small group of preschool parents had a vision to create a public Waldorf school to provide families from all socioeconomic backgrounds access to an education previously available only at expensive private schools. They named this school, Tahoe Truckee Waldorf Learning Group and had a dream for it to one day become a tuition-free public Waldorf school in the Truckee area. In January of 2018, Golden Valley Charter Schools was invited to write and manage the Tahoe Truckee Waldorf School charter with the plan to open a Transitional Kindergarten through Second Grade Tuition-Free Public Waldorf School in September of 2018. The school will grow to be a TK-8th grade. The new name of the school is Golden Valley Tahoe School.

The Golden Valley community will continue the Tahoe Truckee Waldorf School grass roots commitment to the values of Waldorf education and will foster the growth and sustainability of the school in a thoughtful way. Golden Valley Charter Schools looks forward to expanding the reach of public Waldorf opportunities in the Northern California region and many more years serving the children and families in the greater Sacramento and Placer County area.

The Golden Valley Tahoe School’s campus is surrounded by alpine trees and close to Northstar Ski Resort. The unique location makes it accessible for many outdoor education opportunities filled with the magic of snow and nature. To visit, call (916)597-1478 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to RSVP for a school tour and/or a parent information meeting. 

waldorftruckeeschool bonnieriverBonnie River, Ed. is the principal of Golden Valley Tahoe School. For over 40+ years, Bonnie has served on faculty and in founding positions in 5 Independent Waldorf Schools and 2 Public Waldorf Schools.  She served teaching in Kindergarten 15 years and grades 1-8. She also taught high school anatomy and physiology as well as senior seminar. Bonnie completed the Remedial Education Training called ‘The Extra Lesson’ with Audrey McAllen at Rudolf Steiner College and the Chirophonetics Training with Alfred, Gunde Bauer and Bruno Callegaro in the United States and Austria. Bonnie has extensive knowledge in combining the work of the doctor, the therapist, and the teacher. 

For more information, please visit the Golden Valley Tahoe School webpage.

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