School Policies, Regulations, and Guidelines

 This page contains the latest Board Approved versions of all of our school policies and regulations. To view or print a document, click on its link below.

Administrative Policies and Regulations

Admissions Policy

Adult Code of Conduct Policy

Cell Phone & Electronic Device Policy

Class Accounts Policy

Committees Policy

Complaint Policy/Non-Employee

Dispute Resolution Policy

Dissemination of Information Policy

Exit Procedure Policy

Field Trip Procedure

Financial Oversite Policy

Fingerprinting Policy

Fire Drill Policy

Fundraising Policy

Grievances Policy

Personnel Policies

High Impact Volunteer Regulations

Principal Evaluation Policy

State Required Documents

School Closure Policy

Student Transportation Policy

Visitors Policy

Volunteer Policy


Health/Safety Policies and Regulations

Administering Medication Regulation

Medical Protocol for Disinfecting

River Traffic Guidelines

Safety Plan (update coming soon!)


Student Policies and Guidelines

504 Policy

Attendance Regulation

Student Behavior Policy

Cell Phone Policy

Dress Code Policy

Dress Code Pictorial

Early Release & Late Pick-up Regulation

Eight-Grade Trip Policy

Media Guidelines

Suspension & Expulsion Policy

Tardy Regulation


Staff Policies

Child Abuse Reporting Policy

Electronic Media Policy

Highly Qualified Teachers Policy

Smoking and Perfume Policy

Sexual Harassment Policy


After School Policies and Regulations

Before School Arrival/After School Pickup Regulation

Early School Pickup Policy




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