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 Our programs are open to teachers, educators, and individuals interested in Waldorf education.


Golden Valley’s new Art of Teaching program is focused on putting the theory behind Waldorf Education into practice. Our courses include focus on forming classes, classroom management, developing the social and emotional needs of students, and working with parents. Seasoned professionals from the greater Sacramento region have collaborated to bring you their wealth of experience in the arts and sciences so you can be successful in any public or independent school environment.  With a sense of wonder and purpose, come join us this June to launch your summer of preparation while we dance, sing, move, experiment, debate, and laugh. Our programs are open to teachers, educators, and individuals interested in Waldorf education.  Part boot camp and part inspiration will prepare you for the year ahead.  

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The Art of Teaching Kindergarten 

The Art of Teaching Kindergarten is an introductory immersion workshop for teachers, caregivers, and home school parents. Discussions will include the importance of play, working with parents and colleagues, classroom management, power of rhythm, and much more. Active participation and hands-on activities include storytelling and puppetry, seasonal festivals and celebrations, circles, and crafts. Participants will develop an understanding of child development in the kindergarten-aged child, practice a range of activities suitable for the kindergarten, and understand the primary importance of play and rhythm in the kindergarten. The Art of Teaching Kindergarten is a great class for anyone new to the kindergarten or wishing for new inspiration!

The Art of Teaching Kindergarten is led by Annie Bosque. Click here for full faculty biographies.    

Annie Bosque is the teacher and creator of the Outdoor Kindergarten Program at Golden Valley River School. She completed her Master’s in Education at the Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks with a focus on how to create and support parent teacher partnership. Annie teaches for BACWTT as well as planned The Early Childhood Symposium at RSC for five years. Annie mentors new teachers and has led various workshops at a variety of conferences. For the past three years, she has facilitated an outdoor parent child program for two to six-year-old children and their parents.


The Art of Teaching 1st Grade

The Art of Teaching 1st Grade – First grade is a year full of imagination and wonder, as well as establishing healthy rhythms and form as the child enters the 'heart' stage of their development. During the Art of Teaching First Grade at Golden Valley we will provide ample support in preparing for your first grade year. This program is geared towards new teachers, as well as those who are looping back down to first grade. We also welcome all educators who are interested in learning more about Waldorf education. We will address many aspects of teaching first grade with a variety of instructors. Some of the topics covered are:

• Fairy Tales: Writing to Reading
• The Land of Arithmetic: Explore the 4 Processes Imaginatively
• Forming the Class/ Positive Classroom Management Techniques
• Main Lesson Rhythms and Routines
• Chalk and Crayon Drawing Lessons
• Music/Seasonal Songs for Circle
• Social/Emotional Lessons: Deepen and Enhance Classroom Meetings
• Parent Work and Guidance

And more...

The Art of Teaching 1st Grade is led by Allie Brooks. Click here for full faculty biographies.

Allie Brooks has worked at Golden Valley since 2011. She initially was the class teacher for the Elm Tree Class for grades 1 through 5, and then was the class teacher for the Maple Tree Class for grades 1 and 2. Allie is currently a lower grades mentor for teachers at Golden Valley Orchard and River Schools. Allie obtained her Waldorf Certification in 2014 and is a certified trainer in the Nurtured Heart Approach, which is a methodology for helping children use their intensity in successful ways. A devoted educator, Allie appreciates how Waldorf education cultivates children's emotional life and imagination while educating them in a way that allows them to connect more fully to the curriculum and subject matter.


The Art of Teaching - 6th - 8th Grades

The Art of Teaching - 6th - 8th Grades – The upper grades is a time of amazing growth in capacity, critical thought, and independence. It can also be a time of both inner and outer turbulence as the young adolescent begins the real work towards self-actualization through their questioning and searching. The curriculum of the upper grades rises up to meet the students where they are at, in this unique time in-between childhood and adulthood.

In the Art of Teaching, grades 6, 7, and 8 will be split into their grade level groups for curriculum studies that pertain to their specific year. We will also meet in larger combined groups for studies that apply across the upper grades, such as Eurythmy, music, storytelling, and biography work. It will be a beautifully enriching and balanced week that will provide all upper grades teachers a solid foundation upon which they can build their upcoming school year. Some of the topics covered are:

• History: Ancient Rome, Medieval History, Age of Exploration, Renaissance and Reformation, Age of Revolution, US History
• The Arts: Geometric Drawing, Perspective Drawing, Music, Eurythmy
• Math and Science: Platonic Solids, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy and Physiology
• Language Arts: Wish, Wonder, Surprise; Storytelling; Biography; Short Story
and more...

The Art of Teaching Grades 6-8 is led by Ryan Sutton. Click here for full faculty biographies.

Ryan Sutton has worked at Golden Valley Charter Schools since 2008, and is a certified Waldorf educator. Specializing in upper grades, Mr. Sutton has completed 4 loops of 6th - 8th grade and is currently teaching 6th grade with his fifth class at Golden Valley. In recent years, Ryan has served as mentor to fellow upper grades teachers, and has also taught at Rudolf Steiner College in their 'Art of Teaching' program.



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