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1. Golden Valley Charter Schools: Our First Year 

On the cover of Golden Valley’s first yearbook is a watercolor painting of a path through a forest of trees. And inside, along with the class photos are photos of each family along with a favorite family recipe. As I flip through its pages I am struck by how truly it represents the beginning of Golden Valley Charter Schools, when a small group of parents, teachers and staff set out on a mission together to found a school, determined to forge a path through the forest of unknown challenges and pitfalls as well as delights. Amazingly, that small school, which was then known as Citrus Heights Charter School , has grown into the burgeoning network of three public Waldorf Schools that Golden Valley Schools is today. With much passion, determination and hard work we united to overcome outside adversity and internal turbulence to give birth to Golden Valley. Here is one of the stories behind the photos in that first yearbook. I know there are others as well.



2. Once Upon a Time...
Hello Golden Valley Charter School Community,

Once upon a time there was a kindergarten teacher named Miss Julia that joined a school that was in a golden valley. So she named it Golden Valley Charter School. One day before the beginning of the school year, the excited children with their devoted parents met all the teachers and administrators and helpers at the school’s first ever ice cream social.  What a wonderful time we had together meeting new friends and sharing creative ideas. Then something amazing happened- a beautiful rainbow appeared right over our playground! It surely was a sign of all the beautiful times we had together those four years Miss Julia was at the Golden Valley Charter School. Then when she married her Prince Charming she moved to live by the great Pacific Ocean. She will always remember with love her special time at the shining school in a golden valley.
Much love to all that are there,

Julia Capocelli (Ingels)
3. Happily Ever After at Golden Valley
Once upon a time there was a boy named Austin and a girl named Hannah who both went to a lovely little school nestled by the river in a Golden Valley. They were in 4th and 5th grade when they first met, and they traveled together to school each day. They didn't really care for each other much; Austin and his brothers would say funny boy things and Hannah would laugh at them and say they were silly boys. As the years passed and they grew older they grew to be fond of each other. Then one day, they both went to a dance together. After the dance, Austin stopped sitting in the front seat of the carpool, and instead sat next to Hannah. When there was a disagreement, he took her side over his brothers. Young love was found. Austin's mom, one of the Golden Valley kindergarten teachers would joke with them that one day they should get married on the kindergarten yard. As they grew older, they went to different high schools, yet stayed true to their newfound love attending dances, studying and spending as much time together as possible. After all, they were soulmates. They went to college together and finally, Austin asked Hannah to marry him. Of course, she said yes. Where else to have the ceremony, but in the kindergarten yard. Wooden benches, chalk and kindergarten bread were all gathered as they said, "I do". And they lived Happily Ever After.
Becky Page


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